Top 5 Qualities Of A Good Editor!

Some Qualities Of Successful Film/Video Editors

The editor mixes all ingredients of a film from raw footage, visual effects to sound to come up with an awesome final video.
Editing is an art, requiring a lot of creativity. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Check out the article ‘Role of the Film/Video Editor-The good & the bad side!’ has more on this.
That said we did a quick research on the top 5 qualities of a good editor:
1.    Attention To Details:
This is what differentiates the pros from armatures. Years of experience teaches you that overlooking of details can ruin a very good project by delivering the wrong message or having the wrong effect to an audience.
2.    Time Management:
Successful editors are those that work within the deadlines. They keep the client happy and keep the money flowing in since they get more recommendation from a satisfied client.
3.    Initiative:
You cannot always work in ‘moods’ editing only when you have the morale to do so. Most of time you will be required to push yourself to see the project. through to the end.
Initiative also means updating yourself of latest trends & technologies. Sign up for tutorials or do a lot of research to hone your skills.
Don’t forget initiative also helps in marketing your services to recruit clients. Check out the Ubuni directory of film & creative professionalsa site that can help you be found by potential clients.
4.    Cooperation
Film is a collaborative effort and the more you are good team player the more you get to work on more projects. Directors, producers & even your clients need to know they can trust and depend on you to help them deliver their vision. It helps to be an editor who listens, guides and cooperates with your client.
5.    Creative:
Creativity is your individual voice that you bring to the film. It is how you tell stories. Actually most people started by emulating the films they love until they developed their own voice. So it helps to have mentors or projects that you admire as this inspires you in your own projects.


There are definitely more qualities that can be added to this list. If you feel we have not mentioned an important quality, please don’t hesitate to share with us in the comments section below.