Qualities of a good Film/TV producer!

Here are top 5 qualities of a good producer we have picked

Producers have overall control on every aspect of a film's production. They bring together and approve the whole production team. They steer the film from beginning to completion and beyond.
This job comes with it advantages & disadvantages. You can check this article “Roles of a film producer-- The good and the bad!”
Here are top 5 qualities of a good producer we have picked-of course you can add to the list
  1. Drive:
    You have to have a tremendous sense of drive and ambition. Remember you have to raise funds for the film and ensure the success of the film from the beginning to end.
  1. Have a good business sense: 
A very important quality of a producer that differentiates him/her with other crew in a film set. Remember you will do budgets, negotiate deals and build a business strategy for your film.
  1. Problem Solving:
    Great producers can quickly address problems that arise during the project. They are able to identify problems and figure out the best way to fix them.
  2. Good Negotiation skills:
The success of the film solely is on the shoulders of the producer. Negotiation skills are crucial in raising funds, negotiating deals with crew & cast and also negotiating deals with distributors/broadcasters.
  1. Vision:
You need to have terrific vision and can see the film from its conception through to its final product. This helps you to clearly communicate with your crew/ cast and also develop the ability to convincingly pitch the film to investors and other patners.
There definitely more qualities that can be added to this list including the ability to network and deal with people. If you want to build a network you can start by belonging to our directory of professional filmmakers & creative professionals by clicking this link to Ubuni directory


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