Roles of a film producer-- The good and the bad!

Here is the good and the bad of being a TV/Film producer


The role of a producer

Producers have overall control on every aspect of a film's production. They bring together and approve the whole production team.  Producers are accountable for the success of the finished film.


That said the producer is both a creative mind and a business mind combined.  Here is the good and the bad of being a producer


The good

1)    The boss:-

Want to be the boss then try out this role! Producers have financial and administrative control over the making of movies and television shows. The producer usually hires a director who makes most of the artistic decisions on the project. Nevertheless, it is the producer—the one who controls the money—who makes all the final decisions.


2)    You are a fixer not a perfectionist:

The frustrations that come with being a perfectionist are energy draining. Ask any artist-they know this feeling especially when projects don’t get finished because you want to be perfect. For producers all you want is to effectively get to the finish line. This makes it easier for you to be flexible to solutions that take you there. Of course they have to be within the budget J


3)    Networking:

In your hassle to raise funds and make your movie/pilot/TV show a success you will get to know a lot of people within the industry and have their contacts, from actors, directors to distributors. These contacts come in handy- getting you jobs or making future projects easier. Want a platform to network & hire crew? Click this LINK to become an Ubuni member & be part of a directory of professional filmmakers & creative professionals


The bad

1)    Raising money:

Raising money can be a nightmare, and unfortunately this is one thing a producer has to do, raise funds for the film. Not only that but insure the success of the film for the investors.


2)    Less glamorous/No fame:

You want fame in film? Then be a director or actor! Everyone knows the actor or at the very least the director of an award winning film. Rarely do the spotlight and glamor of showbiz fall to the producer.


3)    Dealing With People:

Your work as a producer is to create a conducive environment for different people to flourish and in like most cases, you will always have to deal with funny characters that may drive you crazy. It’s not easy balancing the financial demands of investors/executive producer with the crazy demands of directors, D.O.Ps and other creatives on set.


Of course there are certain qualities of a producer that can make you more successful in your career. Check out this article For Qualities Of A successful Producer.


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