How to Exploit Social Media as an Artist

Let’s give you a blow-to-blow guide


Social media maybe the best thing we got out of the rapid technology innovation of the 21st century. The digital space carries with it immense opportunities that content creators, artists and filmmakers can exploit to stand out in this digital age.

Social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are so popular that they have produced stars just from posting on the platforms. It’s wide reach and room for creativity makes the space an ideal platform for artists who seek to showcase their work to the world.

Just like any other modern-day innovation, it’s a bumpy ride. You need to quickly learn the ropes to have an effective social media campaign as an artist. Let’s give you a blow-to-blow guide on how to exploit the power of social media.

Build Profiles on all major Social networks

Set up your profile on all social media networks even though you will not use all of them. The idea behind this is to increase your searchability across various platforms and secure your username before someone takes it. You can go for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Having accounts on every social media platform doesn’t mean you use them all, concentrate on a select few. To make it easy for your fans, use the same username on all the social media networks.

Choose the ideal platform

As a content creator, you’ll want to focus on a specific platform depending on the online habits of your audience. Concentrate your marketing efforts on one platform instead of spreading it thinly across all networks.

Experiment on all of the social media networks to find out which site is used mostly by your audience. Each platform performs a specific role when it comes to online networking. Facebook is more appropriate for discussions, Twitter is more of a news-sharing resource while Instagram is ideal for visual art work. For example, a photographer is best suited to use Instagram while a filmmaker may use YouTube or Facebook to showcase his/her work.

Visual Branding

We live in a visual world and people are more stimulated by what they see than what they read. The logo you place on your social media profile sells you to the world.

As an artist, strive to come up with a logo design which attracts attention. You might need to invest in a professional photographer for your profile picture and images posted online.

This cuts across all jobs whether you’re a musician, spoken word artist, graphic designer or a drummer.




Build your Bio

Your bio is what sells you or your art piece to the world. It’s the first thing people read when they visit your social media page. Make it short, catchy and interesting. How would you like to be portrayed out there? Put that in your bio.

Be Authentic

With the popularity of social media, people have gone the extra mile of ‘faking’ it online to create a positive impression of them. You might want to ‘fake it till you make it’ but most people can smell a phony a mile way. Be yourself in your posts, discussions and photos.

Build a voice for your brand. Develop a voice that resonates with your brand. This is what your brand stands for. You may be a filmmaker and you may decide to talk about gender inequality in the film industry. People are looking for human connection online so take time to figure your identity as an artist (who you are),your audience and your unique quality.

Be Consistent

Post regularly on your social media platforms .People will quickly forget about you when you post sporadically. Make a habit of posting daily and don’t be over-promotional, at times talk about trending topics and share viral memes.


Build Relationships with Influential people

Irrespective of the niche you belong to, connect with influential personalities in your area of expertise. You can get something from the newly formed relationship. Social media influencers may also help you to build your brand online.

Social media influencers are not only people with large following but anyone who is passionate about the same cause as your brand, active on social media and are starters of conversations instead of followers.


Interact online

As a brand, take your time to interact with your followers. Respond to their questions and invite their opinions about your work. The relationships you build online will come in handy when you are selling your piece of work.


Promote your profile

People need to discover you. Strive to promote your social media profiles to your friends, colleagues and urge your followers to pass the message. Building a brand on social media is part of your overall branding as an artist. With millions of users on social media platforms, it’s the best way to reach your intended audience and sell your art pieces to the world.


These are some of the sites an artist should be on in 2018.



With features such as Facebook Live and Facebook Events which gives you the opportunity to showcase the creative process and keeps people informed about upcoming events respectively, it’s certainly a must-have account.


This wide-reaching platform popular with millennials is ideal for reaching the specific audience and creating visuals portraying your skills.


The demand for video-content has gone up and artists can use this platform to distribute their content. You can post music videos, studio sessions, art drawing and short films.


It’s a great networking platform where you can meet fellow artists and develop online connections.