Build Your Creative Brand In The Online World

Google has it, Coca-Cola, Toyota and Apple have it. Do you? Your brand is the most important non- tangible assets your business has. It is what your business stands for, how it is perceived and represented. Building your brand online needs one to invest time and effort while applying a mix of strategies to get to the goal.

A strong online brand will give you the credibility to attract clients , partners and investors by creating authentic identity of your product/service. Creating a strong brand has a direct effect on a business success as it enhances customer loyalty in today’s crowded marketplace. In the online world, getting your brand out there necessary for your businesses success. As a creative entrepreneur, here is how you can build your brand online quickly and effectively.

1. Get the Visuals Right
Every brand has a unique visual identity usually in the form of a logo. When doing this, ensure that you get the appropriate symbols and text put together to form one image that portrays the nature and identity of business. With a well worked logo, customers can form a favourable first impression of your business and help establish brand identity at the onset. Share this online in all networks as much as possible so that people can transfer the online identity to the real world in the blink of an eye.

2. Grab Online Real Estate
Once you have made up your mind about having a brand, make a grab for all the online real estate available. Domains are crucial, sometimes you might be forced to grab, .com , .net domains to forestall the possibility of imposters or domain squatting. The same goes for social media accounts, leave no stone unturned. You have no plan to use Tumblr or Pinterest now but it is just better to register the usernames and keep them. You don’t know how big the brand could become and you also don’t want to pay lots of money for something that was free to register in first place.

3. Set the tone
Your communication tone should reflect the perception the brand seeks to create and suit the audience. It should be consistent across different channels. The right tone is relative. For example a children’s book author will set a different tone from a production studio that specializes in TV commercials. Another good example is the different online personas of FLY JAMBO JET and KENYA AIRWAYS despite being from the same company. The official Twitter handle for Jambo Jet is engaging, playful and fun whilst Kenya Airways official twitter handle is all business like. It works for both audiences.

4. Engage
The internet offers limitless options to share out information about your brand with interested people and potential clients world over. It also gives many brands a chance to build a following. It might be easy to look at the number and say we have thousands of followers/fans. However, that is half the story. Engage or you will be forgotten at the click of a button. Seek out people talking about your brand, find people in your area seeking services similar to what you provide, debate constructively with the critics.

Every time you get online, use it as an opportunity to edge your brand further ahead. If you are not doing that – then you are just passing time. Forum, blogs, groups and social networks are the most productive places for creatives online.
There are more ways to grow your brand online than discussed in this article. However, you are welcome to comment below.


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