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What is the Talent Channel?

For Artists

  • The Talent Video Channel is the Ubuni's video contest and talent showcasing platform that gives the opportunity to previously undiscovered talent to get exposed.
  • The Talent Channel enables artists to upload and share video content of their performance/ storytelling abilities to begin creating large amounts of public interactions in the form of Comments, Views, Likes and Shares.
  • The Talent Channel is built as a tool for organizing and crowd-sourcing for User-Generated video content which is one of the fastest ways an aspiring artist can use to get started building a buzz around their personal creative brand.
  • It also provides a way for the public and Ubuni's professional creative community to help find and fund new talent and elevate the most appealing talents by engaging them in job opportunities i.e. performance/ recording gigs, casting & pitching sessions etc.
  • The mission of the Talent Channel is to expose creative talent in Kenya by providing a platform where such talent can be exhibited.

Build Your Brand with Online Video Contests!

  • Contests Enable You To Engage Your Audience
    The Talent Channel is an online video contest platform that is also ideal for brands and organizations that want to create consumer engagement through user-generated videos, photos and text through crowdsourcing.
    A user-generated video contest is an ideal and innovative way to tap in to the human drive to compete and provide an opportunity for everyone to expose their creative talent. When participants upload their personal content (e.g., video, photo), they are naturally interested and invested in your brand.
  • Creation of Branded Content Videos
    An online video contest can get you large amounts of great video content revolving around your brand for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional production techniques of advertising. Why not use people to create a video using your product, telling a story about the first time they used it or make a comedy skit about your brand?
  • Rich Source of Data
    With the lure of a prize, many people are prepared to share information with you as part of the entry requirements and will write comments or give feedback as part of the engagement This enables a brand to learn a bit more about its key consumer demographics.
  • Contests Empower Consumers To Promote your Brand/Cause
    Online user-generated video contests create a positive consumer association with your brand that helps in launching new products or services, or simply in generating greater audience awareness by offering tangible rewards for their participation. Any organization can take advantage of contests to realize the benefits of buzz creation. Our voting component enables participants to share content through their social graph, asking friends and family to support their entry.
  • Brand Association
    This is an ideal opportunity for your brand to capture the youth market especially Generation Z by seamlessly integrating themselves with brands that are passionate about nurturing and developing local creative talent. The site will harness youth appeal like entertainment to pass on messages, engage and interact with them.
  • Franchise creation
    The site will become a one-stop entertainment portal for local digital content. This will create an outstanding opportunity for interested funders to create a franchise from scratch that didn't exist before, e.g. Your Brand Artist/ Filmmaker of the month, or Your Brand Playlist etc.
  • Migration to other platforms: the website has the potential to be migrated to traditional media platforms like TV or on ground experiential events where the funding party will have the opportunity to be visible to the target market.

How To Upload Videos To The Talent Channel To Showcase Your Talent

Are You Talented?
If you think so then showcase yourself. We give you everything you need to become a true celebrity. Upload your video performance and start to collect ratings and comments. The entire Internet is watching.

Look out for the current Talent Video Contest that we are running!

All one has to do is to create a short video of not more than 3 minutes of their performance using any video recording device e.g. Mobile Phone, Tablet, Camera, Camcorder, etc. Any performance related to the creative arts is acceptable for upload to our Talent Channel i.e. Film, Song, Dance, Comedy, Acting, DJ, Instrument, Poetry, Spoken Word etc. (Terms and Conditions apply)

Once you have created the short video, upload the video clip to our Talent Video Channel or post the YouTube Link of the video in the requisite field and then invite your friends and the world to watch the video, share it and leave comments. You must be a registered member of the Talent Channel or have a Facebook/Twitter account to upload or submit a video.

It's never been simpler to get discovered for your creative talent!

"Xpose Talent" Video Contests
The Talent Channel hosts online talent video contests dubbed Xpose Talent in the areas of Singing, Instrument playing, Spoken Word, Rap, Acting Filmmaking, Comedy, Dance & DJ.

Our inaugural Xpose Talent video contest will be held in the month of October 2015 and invites all talented singers, players of instruments, actors, filmmakers and comedians to create a short video of their performance of not more than 3 minutes to stand a chance of winning our fabulous prizes.

The entrant will be required to upload the short video to our video contest platform page and then invite their friends and the world to watch and rate the video so as to stand a chance of winning our contest prizes.
To participate, one must be a registered member of the Talent Channel / Twitter/ Facebook.
Any Kenyan citizen over 18 years of age can participate.
We believe "Xpose" will unlock the massive potential of our creative class to produce imaginative and engaging entertaining content.