Ubuni Creative Center launches with the purpose of opening a new kind of collaborative coworking space dedicated to supporting and connecting the next generation of creative industry entrepreneurs and innovators.

Ubuni's focal point is to develop the creative and entrepreneurial community by providing a coworking environment for freelancers, business startups & entrepreneurs to CREATE, WORK, and COLLABORATE. Our co-working space will have amenities to support business startups i.e. desk spaces, meeting rooms, shared/ private offices, business incubation services, post-production suites, high-speed internet connection, fresh coffee and a comfortable lounge for relaxation. It is will also be a venue for design centric events, seminars, and workshops for the local business, ICT and creative community. We're built with the creative, entrepreneur and business startup professional in mind.

Among the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs or freelance professionals is finding an inspiring place to work and meet professionally with clients.

Ubuni Creative Center will be more than just an empty desk space or office for rent. It will be a social community where like-minded entrepreneurs work and create synergies between each other and collaborate on projects. This will contribute towards a self-sustaining creative industry in Kenya in terms of job creation which will stimulate the emergence of new ideas, innovations and technologies.

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  • To be the leading co-working and incubation brand in Africa for entrepreneurs in the creative, industries for them to discover and express their creative visions for a profit.


  • To nurture our community of creative entrepreneurs by providing a productive, affordable coworking & business incubation environment for them to create, work, and collaborate with others.