Living Social, interconnected by social media networks is the new reality. People will actually find products and make buying decision based on social media. Therefore, finding your social voice is important to rise above the din that is social media.

People are engaging on social media every hour of every day and brands too, are trying to get their voices through.  As a creative, you need to dive in, create your own space and deliver your brand’s message with authority, personality and professionalism.

Don’t forget that the average social media user  receives 285 pieces of content daily.

To stay visible (and influential) you need to entrench your presence in the established networks, experiment with the newest applications and be flexible enough to drive your message through consistently across different platforms.

So let us look at how you can stay above the clutter. 


Social media timing was at first a theory, now it is a science. Succeeding in social media and getting the response has a lot to do with the time updates are posted.  Research shows that the social media users have peak hours and these hours are the best times to get your content out there. There are different times for different platforms .

According to previous research, these are the best times to post on various platforms:

Facebook        6.00-8.00 am / 2.00-5.00pm

Twitter             1.00 – 3.00pm

Google +         9.00-11.00am

Linked In         7.00 -8.30am/ 5.00pm-6.00pm

Blogs               11.00am

This time guide is based on a study of American user habits and there are significant differences in the peak hours in Kenya for instance.  Furthermore, research shows that facebook engagement peaks on Thursdays and Fridays while twitter peaks over the weekends whereas the best days to post a blog are Monday and Thursday.


Once you have identified the optimal times to post, the next question is ‘how much’- ‘how often’ After all, you do not want to have the right timing and lose it all by posting too little or too much.  According to TrackSocial, the optimum number of posts per day is 2 for facebook, 3 for twitter , 1 for Google +. Anymore and the engagement begins to fall every subsequent  post.

However, in different circumstances , for example a new brand with little or no following will need 5 posts a day at the beginning to get noticed. When it comes to the blogpost, the frequency is determined by lots of factors including industry and audience. However, a blog post every Monday should be the minimum target for anyone hoping to gain on that front.


It is now an old saying that content is king. To rise above the clutter , you must stand out from the thousands of accounts out there competing for attention. You must be able to captivate people with words, sometimes in 500 words other times in as little as 140 characters.

Visual content is also important. Your portfolio can be shared in the social networks to and reshared by strangers later. Screenshots, photographs, videos, newspaper cuttings etc that relate to you or your brand should be shared on social media.

Strive for a healthy mix of visual and textual content and consider the fact that some content works best only in specific platforms. Embrace social media, by all means go all out and let people know. However, be sensible about it as It can be a double-edged sword.



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