The Successful Creative Entrepreneur

Art and business. Are these worlds apart? Is it proper for ‘creatives’ to be viewed as a non-core part of the business? Are artistic pursuits business?

The truth is that everything relies on creativity in today’s world, more so business and enterprise. Vibrant, strong corporations are nothing without the creative sparks within. But, can these creative sparks hold it together in the business world?

Here are 3 qualities that are important for every creative trying to build a business.

  1. Pit Bull and Rocky (the eye of the tiger) in one

Pit bulls are known for their drive, intensity and relentless desire to win. These dogs will finish the fight no matter what. Creative entrepreneurs tend to generally fall far from the pit bull mould. If it is too hard, then the next shiny object is found and goals shifted. Some go in to ‘test’ or ‘give it a shot’. Like a Pit bull, you must get in to finish it. To the end… Should be the mantra.

Rocky from the movie should be another great example of qualities a creative entrepreneur needs to learn in order to succeed. No matter how many times Rocky was knocked down, he got back to his feet. Even when it would have been better to stay down. The people near you might knock your idea down, your lover might listen and then shrug. The market may even dismiss your product/service. Then what? You have to get back on your feet, ready for the next round. You might get knocked again, but every time you hit the deck should be a new lesson.

  1. Disruptive

Successful creative entrepreneurs are almost always disruptive. They are game changers in the face of a stubborn status quo. They are agitating for a breakup of old systems. When people say,  “It won’t work”. It emboldens them even further. The creative entrepreneur brings to the market a service/product that completely shatters the norm. Think of all the companies that started with “Free” and now make billions. As a creative entrepreneur you should question the rules, all of them and break the ones you have to. Sometimes, you might need to junk the entire rule book and write yours.

  1. Teamwork

Lots of creatives are poor team players and even worse at managing teams and people. For most, it is easier to fly solo and chase your ideas right to the end. However, you must evaluate your weaknesses and build a team around them. That amazing product will not sell itself and maybe your pitch might drive all investors away. Your team might need someone else to keep it running at full speed and in shape. In the end, embrace those that excel in your weaknesses and you will create a strong team. This way, you eliminate weaknesses and give yourself a fair chance in the brutal world .

In concluding, the creative will succeed by harnessing the energy of others, adding his own and directing it in a strategic way. Furthermore, staying on course no matter the obstacle is the mettle of a successful entrepreneur.



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