Youtube is turning vloggers to millionaires here is how you can join the race.

Planning to start a successful Vlog? Then follow these tips.

First, you need to understand exactly what vlogging is and how to vlog to get started.

Vlogging is the art of creating videos for an audience. Vlogs are like a written blog that is posted to Youtube, but instead of writing the content, you make a video to explain the topic to your audience and post it online.

Understanding how to make money vlogging starts with creating a vlog that people will want to watch on a regular basis.

Here, are some tips to keep in mind as you learn how to make watchable vlogs that also make money.


Pick A Niche

Vlogs are in high demand by users that will subscribe to your channel if they like what they see.

You will, however, need to pick a niche that meets the needs of your intended followers.

The more you narrow down your genre that better equipped you will be to gain viewers.

Your vlog niche should be on a subject that you are knowledgeable about and can easily and informatively talk to your viewers about.

Maybe you provide makeup tutorials or are an Italian cook that makes easy recipes; no matter what you do decide to do for your vlog, keep it simple and don’t try to cover a million topics on your channel.

Viewers like informative content and can be fickle if they don’t get what they want from your vlogs.

Be sure to entertain your audience and create content that has value in your vlog.


Watch other Vloggers

Viewing other vlogs will show you what popular vloggers are doing and help you narrow in on the type of vlog channel you want to produce. Watching a variety of vlogs will illustrate what tactics are effective in sharing information via video and getting viewers.

“My first recommendation is to watch hours of other vloggers on YouTube in order to learn how to use the platform and how the trends move,” Calderón said.

“Watching many hours of different vloggers will show you what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.”


Create great content

What is great content? This is a question that content marketers have been trying to figure out for years.

Basically, great content is the one able to keep people watching/reading/listening and coming back to you for a long time.

Great content is either really entertaining or very informative or both.

You have to give something of value if you want to receive more value ($) in return.

You have to help your viewers with the problems they have if your videos are informative.

Or you have to be really entertaining.

Great contents gets lots of engagement (likes, shares and subscribes) and can go viral if you have a bit of luck.


Get Vlogging Setup Equipment.

Once you’re ready to start vlogging, you’ll need the right equipment.

No one will stay watching a video that is unbearably noisy.

And noise can come in many forms: maybe your microphone sucks or you don’t have enough lighting in your room.

You can vlog using your smartphone or laptop, but if you want a higher quality vlog, it’s necessary to invest in a vlogging camera. This is important if your vlog has special considerations. For example, if your vlog is action-based, you’ll need a camera designed to shoot motion.

If you want to get a bit more serious, you can get a DSLR or a mirrorless camera if you want something more portable.

But at least start with a nice microphone.

As the vlog editor, you can start out with a vlog software for editing on your camera or laptop and later progress to a more sophisticated editing software.


Be Patient & Consistent

These millionaire vloggers didn’t make it from one day to another.

They started as any other out here: with 0 following and 0 views.

Yet they managed to grow out of nothing but good content.

But that takes time.

You need to think about your next video idea, then you have to record it—without failing in the process— and then you have to edit it and publish it.

Oh, did I also mention that you need to promote it?

In other words, you need to invest a lot of time. You will not see vlog-success overnight rather it will take months to years to reach your goal of making vlogging your career.

Don’t give up on your video blog as before you know it; you will have an audience that commands top dollar